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The Info-Exchange is designed as a communicative guide for language-arts classrooms for false-beginners to high-intermediate learners.  As a communicative guide, it offers a wide variety of situations through which learners can share what they know, feel, or understand with a partner, a small group, or the entire class.  The purpose of this text is to provide English-language learners with myriad opportunities for thinking, problem solving, and meaningful communicative exchange.  It is hoped that language teachers/ facilitators/ educators will find the text helpful in providing their students with sufficiently challenging material. 

The Info-Exchange: A Communicative Guide to Natural English Conversation is composed of six units: A Good Beginning, Breaking the Ice, Exchanging Information, Giving and Getting Directions, Simulations and Mysteries.  Unit 1: A Good Beginning deals with psychological issues that sometimes mitigate a learnerís success and with voice issues as related to tension and to the sharing of oneís self.  Unit 2: Breaking the Ice covers greetings, introductions and getting to know others.  Unit 3: Exchanging Information progresses from descriptive language through explanatory language to comparison and contrast.  Unit 4: Giving and Getting Directions covers street directions, assembly directions, recipes, prescription dosage and organization.  Unit 5: Simulations cover a wide range of issues and provide various easy to moderately difficult challenges in the fields of education, environment, ethics and politics.  Unit 6: Mysteries contains two mysteries that the learners are invited to think about, perform and solve.  (126 pages; 45 ~ 65 hours of in-class activities, depending on class size and organization.)






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